Netherlands Research Integrity Network

The Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) aims to facilitate collaboration, exchange and mutual learning between the actors in the field of research integrity. By organizing a diversity of open and closed meetings, and sharing information on our website and in our newsletters.

Presentatie Lex Bouter, KAMG Congres (in Dutch)

Having an international focus, NRIN strives to communicate most of it's content and sharing in English, but sometimes exceptions have to be made. Recently, Lex Bouter gave a presentation during the 2021 KAMG Conference, explaining the importance of transparency when ressearch is under pressure and interests are at s...

Program WCRI webinars online

With the postponed WCRI conference in Cape Town to 2022, the foundation behind these worldconceferences has organisized an online alternative to bridge 2021. From 30 May - 2 June they will host a series of six webinars, divided over 2 timeslots to ensure everyone has the ability to participate, independent from time...

WCRI 2021 and 2022: Free webinars and important dates

Since the physical conference of 2021 has been postponed, the World Conference on Research Integrity will host a program of webinars on the original dates. Both the program and the registration link will follow in next weeks. So stay tuned! In the meantime, the organization of the conference in Capetown is in f...

Our partners

NRIN is member of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO), and partner of the Reduce Waste and Reward Diligence campaign (REWARD) Alliance and the World Conferences on Research Integrity (WCRI) Foundation.


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