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Symposium 'How can institutions take the lead in fostering research integrity?' and PhD defence Krishma Labib

The 3rd of February 2023, together with the SOPs4RI projectteam, the Netherlands Research Integrity Network is organizing a symposium focusing on how institutions can take the lead in fostering research integrity. Expect a glimpse of the inspiring toolbox on research integrity for research institutions that the SOPs4RI consortium has been developing the last 4 years and how this toolbox can be implemented in academia. The program will include experiences of Dutch institutions in fostering research integrity, as well as zoom out and picture a broader European perspective on what can be done to foster research integrity.

Before the symposium, Krishma Labib is defending her thesis entitled Developing guidelines for research institutions: Journey towards research integrity (available here -we truly recommend it!). The defence starts starts at 11:45 exact, in the Aula of the VU University in Amsterdam. Everyone interested is welcome to join us in Amsterdam, but you can also follow the ceremony on YouTube through this link.

Below you can find the program, also available in PDF. Here you can register for the defence and/or the symposium.

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