As the national network on research integrity in The Netherlands, NRIN organizes mutiple symposiums and a diversity of open meetings. Here you can find a collection of these video recordings, accecible for everyone interested.

Annual NRIN Symposium 2021

On December 14, 2021 NRIN organized its annual symposium, this year centered around education on research integriy. Below the video's of our plenary speakers, including the slides of all presentations.

Mariëtte van den Hoven Empowering RCR through education and training

In this presentation Prof. dr. Mariette van den Hoven, head of the department Ethics, Law and Humanities at the AmsterdamUMC, explains why and shows how empowerment is such a strong feature for educational tools in RCR education.

Joeri Tijdink Supervision in academia: let's make things better

Based on his own research and experience, dr. Joeri Tijdink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, AmsterdamUMC) demonstrates what good supervision of junior researchers and PhD students includes and entails. Together with his team he developed the course Superb Supervision, a program that teaches supervisors of all academic levels how to become better supervisors.

Nathalie Evans Virtue training

How do we train teachers of RI courses? In this talk Nathalie Evans presents the Virtue method: a train-the-trainer concept that is based on a virtue ethics approach. The program's content promotes the understanding of the ALLEA code by focussing on what it means to be a good researcher.

Find the complete course on The Embassy of Good Science

Krishma Labib Research Integrity education: guidelines for institutions

Research integrity education is seen as a core institutional responsibility. However, the current situation shows that many of these training-initiatives mainly focus on PhD students, and lack continious effort. Therefore, a more overarching stategy is needed that is based on helpful guidelines and build upon stakeholders' perspectives and experiences. In this talk, Krishma Labib talks about the neciity for guidelines, the process of developing these guidelines and the designed collection of recommendations.

Tristan McIntosh Development and evaluating ethics education programs

Why is evaluation of research integrity and research ethics programs important, and what assessments can of should be used for this purpose? In this talk Tristan McIntosh summarizes a couple of best practices, available to get the most out of evaluating a course.

Mike Kalichman Aligning interventions and goals


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