As the national network on research integrity in The Netherlands, NRIN organizes mutiple symposiums and a diversity of open meetings. Here you can find a collection of these video recordings, accecible for everyone interested.


Below you can find a collection of various videos on RI an RI-related items, in chronological order. Most videos include the slides of the presentation.

Research Integrity Rounds RadboudUMC (December 2021)

Lex Bouter Conflicts of interest in science

The Research Integrity Rounds at Radboudumc are organized to stimulate dialogue and debate about matters of research integrity. During the event in December 2021, Lex Bouter explains what conflicts of interest might occur with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments. Collaboration with these organizations is usually manageable, but care is needed nonetheless. What are the non-financial conflicts of interests we need to look out for? And is value-free science possible?

Enrio Congress Research Integrity in Practice (September 2021)

Lex Bouter What can research institutes can do to foster research integrity?

The ENRIO 2021 Congress on Research Integrity Practice focussed on the research integrity practice and the development of responsible research in Europe. Among many other topics, key themes included open science, data protection laws, research integrity training and knowledge building. In this talk Lex Bouter on what research institutes can do to foster research integrity.

Symposium The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research (October 2021)

On October 13 Elisabeth Bik gave a lecture on 'The Dark side of Science' based on her intensive searching and reporting of biomedical articles that contain errors or data of concern. Additionally, NRIN invited PubPeer editor Boris Barbour, who gave a talk on post-publication peer review on this platform.  

For more info on both speakers, read these previous items on Elisabeth Bik and Boris Barbour.

Elisabeth Bik

Boris Barbour

Webinar Open Science (May 2021)

On May 18, AmsterdamUMC organized a webinar on different methodological aspects of Open Science. Departing from the main question: 'How can OS practices improve research quality?' With three presentations of 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes Q&A, the lectures provide an overview of the most important Open Science practices and how these can be implemented in your research. 

Lex Bouter

Lieuwe Kool

Tamarinde Haven

KAMG Conference (February 2021)

Lex Bouter Research under pressure 

In this video Lex Bouter gives a presentation during the KAMG Conference in February 2021, explaining the importance of transparency when research is under pressure and interests are at stake. For example during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SETAC Europe 31st annual meeting (May 2021)

Lex Bouter Focus on Responsible Research Practices from all Stakeholders

During the SETAC Europe 31st annual meeting, prof. Lex Bouter gave a presentation explaining why the fostering of Responsible Research Practices need attention from all stakeholders in research. The society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) is a not-for profit, global professional society.


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