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Shaping a positive Research Culture at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): needs, opportunities and challenges

  • When?

    25th October 2024

  • Where?

    Geertekerk, Utrecht

We are excited to announce that the NRIN Annual Symposium 2024, with the central theme Shaping a positive Research Culture at HEIs: needs, opportunities and challenges, will take place on 25th October 2024, at Geertekerk, Utrecht (see location here).

The Symposium will gather experts in the field to discuss practical approaches and interventions that are needed to catalyse effective transformations in shaping a positive research culture at higher education institutions.

Information about the invited keynote and session speakers, symposium program and registration will follow soon!

All relevant information will be shared on the NRIN webpage, Newsletter and social media (X and LinkedIn).

We look forward to welcoming you to our Annual Symposium!