Inventory in the Netherlands of Stakeholders’ Practices and Initiatives on Research Integrity to set an Example.

The INSPIRE project aims to collect, classify and share initiatives to foster research integrity, with a view to inspire and enable others to implement similar initiatives. In order to assess and classify the initiatives, a checklist has been constructed together with actors in the field. These assessed initiatives will be shared in an online toolbox on the Embassy of Good Science.

Goals of the INSPIRE project

Part of the INSPIRE project was to develop a checklist to assess and classify initiatives that foster responsible research practices. Following a Delphi method including two online surveys and a workshop, a checklist was drafted, piloted and revised until consensus among the INSPIRE team was achieved. The result is an extensive yet practical checklist that can be used by many stakeholders and for multiple purposes. It is used for the taxonomy of the spectrum of initiatives that soon will be made available at The Embassy of Good Science. The checklist can also be used by stakeholders to assess and improve their initiatives themselves, or by others who plan to implement an existing initiative, for example which they found in the spectrum on The Embassy!

Submit initiative

We are looking for initiatives that aim to foster responsible research practices. We welcome a variety of initiatives – large or small –, such as policy changes, teaching methods, strategies to detect research misbehaviour, activities that stimulate an open research culture, communication campaigns, facilities to enable responsible research practices, and so on. Also small local initiatives are more than welcome to be shared in INSPIRE. You can submit your initiatives via this online form. You can also upload documents about the initiative or link to online information.


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