ARCA is a research project that investigates research climate and integrity in the 4 academic institutions in Amsterdam. (University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam University Medical Centers). The aim of this project is to explore and clarify the most salient aspects of the research culture in the four academic institutions in Amsterdam and to identify promising ways to promote responsible research practices.

Project summary

Ensuring research integrity should be one of the key responsibilities for universities and university medical centers. Traditionally, institutions have focused on codes of conducts, procedures for handling allegations and courses on responsible conduct of research. Recently the importance of fostering a culture of research integrity receives more attention. Moreover, it is becoming more and more evident that the climate researchers work in determines their ideas of what is “normal”, what is good science, what are misbehaviours, or whether they feel supported by their organisations. ARCA is one of the pioneering studies that looks at ways to foster responsible research practices by assessing the research climate.

For more information, visit the website of Amsterdam’s Academic Research Climate.


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