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With the virtual edition of this year's WCRI just ended, the first recordings of the webinars are already available. Because each session is programmed twice to accomodate the various time zone differences, the sessions are titled with two numbers. From the NRIN website, we have only linked to one of these sessions, but if you are interested in the other recordings and more detailed info on the sessions, you can find them on the WCRI 2021 website

Session 1/3: What is Research Integrity 
This session is intended to provide a basic consideration of the fundamental principles and practices of research integrity.

Session 2/4: Carrot or stick? How might funders and publishers respond to new challenges for research integrity?
What can RFOs and journals do to foster research integrity? The principles of research integrity remain, but the environment in which research is funded, performed, communicated and evaluated is constantly changing and evolving, creating many important questions.

Session 5/7: Towards a Cape Town Statement on Fostering Research Integrity through equity, fairness and diversity
The ‘Cape Town Statement’ is one proposed outcome of the 7th WCRI which will be discussed as a ‘Focus Track’ at 2022 conference. This session will introduce the thinking behind the proposal and, encourage as many people as possible to become involved in the development process.

Session 6/8: Implementation of the Hong Kong Principles in Low and Medium Income Countries
To address the perverse incentives for research excellence, and to embrace the good practises in responsible conduct of research and open science, the Hong Kong Principles (HKP) for assessment of research was drawn up in the 6th WCRI.

Session 9/11: What can RPOs do to foster RI?

Research performing organizations (RPOs) like universities should help researchers to engage in responsible research practices and craft concrete policies and procedures for this purpose. To be consistent, coherent and effective RPOs need a Research Integrity Promotion Plan (RIPP).

Session 10/12: Research interpretation and data use with integrity in the COVID pandemic
Research interpretation and data use with integrity in the COVID pandemicThe COVID pandemic has led to an unprecedented effort and speed of global research and data collection. While rapid dissemination of research findings and data can be a positive force for good, there are inherent dangers of data quality, misinterpretation, and outright fraud or falsification.


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