Presentatie Lex Bouter, KAMG Congres (in Dutch)

Having an international focus, NRIN strives to communicate most of it's content and sharing in English, but sometimes exceptions have to be made. Recently, Lex Bouter gave a presentation during the 2021 KAMG Conference, explaining the importance of transparency when ressearch is under pressure and interests are at stake. For example during the current pandemic we are still facing. If you are interested in this presentation, follow this link to the video in our Library, check the presentation slides, or read the related (English) articles below. 

Gopalakrishna et al., 'Assuring research integrity during a pandemic', BMJ Opinion, June 2020
Tijdink et al., 'Are preprints a problem? 5 ways to improve the quality and credibility of preprints', LSEblog, September 2020


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