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NRIN Podcast series

At the beginning of 2023 NRIN started a new initiative: the podcast series "Research Integrity Matters". The primary goal of the research integrity podcast is to bring research integrity topics to a wider and broader research audience, by stepping “out of the research integrity bubble”. In doing so, we hope that research integrity will become a more mainstream topic that researchers of all backgrounds and disciplines feel more and more engaged with -from within their own research environments. 

Additionally, by making this series, we will try to let general stakeholders like funders, policy makers and the general public, get more acquainted with research integrity: what it means, and why it is important in safeguarding research quality. Again, with the purpose of reaching an audience “out of the research integrity bubble”. As we step increasingly into the open science era, we believe informing a wider audience on research integrity and the research process is an important effort to make, and our hope with this series is that the podcast will serve as a source to spur interest and create awareness on research integrity matters.  

The series will exist of 12 talks, with the frequency of one episode per month, around 30-45 minutes each, and hosted by Marino van Zelst and Gowri Gopalakrishna. The podcast agenda for the coming six months can be found on the podcast page in our Library-menu.

In the first episode of Research Integrity Matters, Gowri and Marino talk with Cassidy Sugimoto about intersectionality and diversity in research. Why and how does striving for more diverse research teams improve research integrity and why does a lack of diversity affect research quality? 

Check the first episode of this series through Apple, Google or Spotify!