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Mind the Gap: new online training tool

For NRIN's annual symposium last December, we invited the VLIR (Flemish Interuniversity Councilto illustrate their recently lauched 'Mind the GAP' training tool, developed in coorperation with the five Flemish universities. Mind the GAP is an English-language training tool to foster research integrity and the promotion of good research practices in all disciplines and focussing on different RI-related topics in different stages of research. Topics include research design, data management, reporting of research results with attention to preregistration, FAIR data, authorship, peer review and many other. Also, a separate module is dedicated to the relationship between PhD students and their mentors/promotors. 
The tool is developed for all researchers and all those involved in research, from PhD students to more experienced researchers, to teachers and policy makers. Also, the designers put in a lot of effort to combine different forms of learning and a wide array of exercises, self tests and assignments. Just as many other teaching materials on research integrity and research ethics, this tool is based on the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ALLEA (2017), see our Library). 

The tool is available for everyone: by visiting the website of Gent University you can register by choosing 'Registration for non-Ugent users' and search for 'Mind the Gap' in the coursemenu on the right.