As the national network on research integrity in The Netherlands, NRIN organizes mutiple symposiums and a diversity of open meetings. Here you can find a collection of these video recordings, accecible for everyone interested.

Research Integrity Lunches

Monthly recurring meetings on recently started RI related projects, research idea's or proposals. The purpose of these meetings is twofold: to strengthen the presented research, by learning from each others suggestions, perspectives and feedback, and to help building an engaged RI-research community.
On our calender you can find upcoming presentations with a short summary on the presentation's topic. Below you can find clips of past lunchmeetings. 

Annual NRIN symposium 2020

On December 3rd NRIN organized it's annual symposium, this year focussing on Research on Research Integriy. Below the clips of our plenary speakers, according to the symposium's program schedule. 

Presentatie Lex Bouter voor KAMG

In this video Lex Bouter gives a presentation during the KAMG Conference in February 2021, explaining the importance of transparency when research is under pressure and interests are at stake. For example during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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